We supply high-quality recycled plastics

We share our expertise

Aloxe is the high-quality recycled plastic supplier meeting market demand. Our team understands that raw material varies in quality, has expert skill and knowledge in plastic production and the promotion of quality, standardised products.

Aloxe recognises the unstoppable development of the recycled plastics and the importance of their quality and keeping it consistent, as well as the ability to supply large quantities. Aloxe relies on mechanical recycling technology. Controlling the quality of the input (the post-consumer recycled PET flakes), the production steps (sorting, extrusion and polycondensation) and the quality of the pellets produced (physical properties and contaminants) enables us to consistently meet client specifications.

Aloxe supplies recycled plastic to help to meet European Union regulatory targets

Plastic remains a ubiquitous material in the packaging sector, mainly because it is light and ensures food safety.

The European Union has adopted a circular economy action plan and made plastic one of its priorities.

The greatest demand for plastic in Europe comes from the plastic packaging sector, which is why the EU has set ambitious recycling targets.


30%Recycled content in plastic beverage bottles by 2030

Mechanical recycling, a technique refined over time

Mechanical PET and HDPE recycling technology, honed over 50 years of development, does not pollute, and consumes little energy. The sequence of sorting, washing, shredding, extrusion and polycondensation stages guarantees a food-safe product.


50years of development of mechanical recycling

Aloxe supplies high-quality recycled plastics

We control the quality of the raw materials going into the process and guarantee that of the products we sell. Our priorities are consistency of our specifications, food contact, and purity of our products. We make the inconsistent consistent!


1One priority, the quality